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Our asphalt paving teams work carefully to properly smooth and harden the surface underneath the asphalt before installation, creating a smooth, solid foundation underneath. We also carefully plan a slope to ensure water flows towards drains and gutters, instead of accumulating on the surface. If cracks occur or if you have existing asphalt that needs repair, we have the ability to carefully seal the cracks and level out the surface to make it smooth and even again.


There comes a time when, even after proper preventative maintenance and pavement preservation programs, a roadway will reach the end of it’s life and can no longer carry traffic as designed or meet motorist or foot traffic expectations. Routine pavement maintenance will greatly extend the life of a roadway and reduce costs over time, but at some point pavement reconstruction is the only option for keeping a roadway active once structural integrity is lost due to the environment and usage.

Potholes and cracks are two of the main reasons for pavement reconstruction and maintenance projects. Although pavement rehabilitation can also be used to remedy potholes, cracks and other damage - at some point pavement reconstruction becomes the more cost-effective solution.

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